There are more unreleased Amy Winehouse songs in the vault that could see the light of day, according to her dad Mitch. He told BBC Radio 6 that there may be just enough material available for at least one more proper Amy Winehouse album.

“I’m not sure that there is much more but I’m sure that we will get at least one other album out, if not two,” Mitch said. “There are loads of covers, loads of them, but the problem is we don’t want to rip anybody off. When her fans are so precious to us we don’t want to put out dross.”

Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning last July. Her first posthumous release, ‘Lioness: Hidden Treasures,’ was released in December and reached No. 5 in the U.S. She won a Grammy earlier this year for ‘Body and Soul,’ her duet with Tony Bennett.

We’ll bring you the news if and when a new Amy Winehouse album is confirmed. In the meantime, some  of the late singer’s personal notes were recently published in Mitch’s latest book, ‘Amy, My Daughter,’ which hit bookstores last month. Amy was also featured on a new song by rapper Nas called ‘Cherry Wine.’

Listen to Nas, ‘Cherry Wine’ Feat. Amy Winehouse)

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