It was around this time last year we first learned Lady Gaga would lead American Horror Story into its Season 5 Hotel setting, while thus far Season 6 has only Gaga and Angela Bassett to its name. Now, Bassett offers a small tidbit to her Season 6 character that may point toward the overall direction of Ryan Murphy’s next Horror Story.

Take this with a grain of salt for now, as where Murphy had previously alluded to a shocking role in mind for franchise veteran Bassett, the actress herself acknowledged some preliminary details of her Season 6 character in conversation with Collider:

I will be back… I think I might be psychic. I think. But it can all change, we don’t start filming until June this year, so anything is possible and everything can change between now and then.

A psychic could point in any number of directions, and it isn’t explicitly clear if Bassett meant that her character provides psychic readings as an occupation, or actually possesses supernatural powers. Thus far, little else of the sixth season has been revealed, other than to expect the premiere in fall, and that the season would take place in two different time periods.

Gaga’s initial announcement arrived in late February last year, so might FX provide Season 6 details before long, even if filming starts in June? Is there any reason American Horror Story couldn’t have psychics in space? The moon needs psychics too, Ryan.

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