Walter White wants to tell you all about the new iPad Air. Actor Bryan Cranston, who played the troubled drug dealer on 'Breaking Bad,' narrates the latest Apple commercial, which touts the slim design of its latest product while featuring gentle instrumental music in the background.

What's the song in this Apple iPad Air commercial? It's a track called 'Neo' by UK minimalist composer Ryan Teague, whose work regularly appears in tv programs and advertisements for Powerade, Mercedes, and the BBC, among others. 'Neo' is taken from Teague's most recent full-length album, 'Field Drawings,' which came out in 2012 and was re-issued on vinyl earlier this year.

The iPad ad featuring Teague's music begins with a distant shot of a pencil sitting on a desk in a brightly-lit house. The camera slowly zooms in on the pencil while the setting changes to a music room, laboratory, NASA control center and a tent in the jungle.

Teague's elegant electronic music swells as Cranston sings the praises of the device, saying, "It's used by scientists, artists, scholars, and students. It's been to classrooms, board rooms, expeditions... even to space." Finally, an iPad is revealed to be sitting behind the pencil, showing just how thin the new model is.

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