“It’s a good size, really,” iPhone owners have told Apple. “It’s OK that it’s small. It’s more about how you use it,” they added reassuringly. But the insecure company isn’t having any of it. It’s paying attention to those screen enhancement spam emails and listening to those late-night “marital aid” radio commercials. And it’s obsessed with getting bigger.

That’s according to The Wall Street Journal, which reports Apple will be upping its 3.5-inch screen size to something close to a full 4 inches. The new phone, which is rumored to be going into production in June, will probably come out in the fall.

Apple apparently feels the need to get bigger because Samsung says its Samsung Galaxy S II will be swinging a 4.8-inch screen. And they say once you go Samsung, you don’t give a damn (about the competition), son.

We haven’t had many complaints about our 3.5 inches. The ladies tell us that it’s girth that matters.

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