Do I have COVID-19?

"If you are worried you might have coronavirus ( COVID-19), a few questions can help you understand your situation, ready to begin?" Siri replies.

In an incredible effort to spearhead education and information for users concerned they might be carriers of COVID-19, Apple has initiated a step by step advice platform based on the users responses to specific questions in the program.

Siri further responds with asking if you are experiencing common symptoms, like dry cough, shortness of breathe or fever. You are later advised to call  911 if you are experiencing life threatening symptoms or to self isolate and contact a medical provider  if symptoms appear to be milder in nature.

Equally valuable, links to healthcare apps,like the telehealth apps on the App Store, are provided by Siri for anyone who can’t currently reach a healthcare provider offering that some providers on the list are free, while most take insurance or charge a small fee.

"According to Apple, the answers are sourced from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Public Health Service." says 9to5MAC." Apple was also promoting a video from the White House Coronavirus Task Force in iTunes and Apple Music. Since then, the video has also been featured prominently in the App Store and Apple’s website." Additionally, " Apple is also donating millions of N95 industrial masks to healthcare professionals in the United States and Europe."

Bravo Apple and Siri.

Although COVID-19 is no joke, here are some fun questions you can ask Siri provided by DHTV on the off chance you've got some spare time.

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