Do you think you could ever find the motivation inside your carnivorous brain to not eat meat at least one day a week? We don't mean going full-blown vegan here, just eliminating meat from your diet one out of every seven days.

That is what the city of Los Angeles is hoping to achieve for its citizens, as the city council recently deemed all Mondays from this point forward in Los Angeles county to be “Meatless Mondays.”

The Meatless Monday campaign is an international not-for-profit campaign affiliated with John Hopkins University working to reduce the amount of meat people consume, with the hope of improving global health. Due to its high degree of health-conscious citizens, it should comes as no surprise that the City of Angels was one of the first cities to latch on to this initiative, quickly becoming its largest supporter.

During a session last Friday, councilwoman Jan Perry introduced the meatless motion, citing an increasing number of health problems directly associated from consuming a high-meat diet. "Eating less meat can prevent and even reverse some of our nation's most common illnesses," said Perry. "We've become disconnected in some ways from the simple truth that our health is directly affected by the foods we eat.”

The motion was passed unanimously. But with more than half of Los Angeles county suffering from obesity, there is no telling just how long the idea of a “Meatless Any Day” would take to become a popular trend.

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