When we caught up with Austin Mahone last week, he excitedly dished to PopCrush about 'All I Ever Need,' the song that he feels is most personal to him on his upcoming EP, 'The Secret.' And guess what, Mahomies? The new track has now been released!

"There is one song on ['The Secret'] called ‘All I Ever Need’ that I wrote myself, so that’s pretty cool," Mahone told PopCrush exclusively about the song.

"I was in my bathroom, and I wrote it in there, and I just got the idea and I just started writing," he explained. "I write a lot of my songs in the bathroom. It’s really strange, but whatever works, right?"

Well, it looks like penning the tune in the bathroom definitely did the trick, as 'All I Ever Need' is one of the best tracks we've heard from the singer. We absolutely love the slowed-down, ballad vibe of the song, which allows Mahone to truly showcase his smooth vocals -- which sound better than ever on the stripped-down tune. And of course, Mahomies will love the lyrics that the 'MMM Yeah' singer wrote, since they show off what a romantic he really is. It's no surprise that #ALLIEVERNEED quickly began trending on Twitter -- our hearts are melting over this song!

Listen to Austin Mahone's 'All I Ever Need'

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