Austin Mahone is being touted as the new, American Justin Bieber — and he’s playing into that role more than ever via his friendship with the Young Money Crew.

Mahone revealed that he’s new pals with DJ Khaled, telling MTV, “I just met him the other night. I do want to work with him. He told me to just keep up the good work and he can tell I’m working hard.” He also admitted that while he isn’t pals with Lil Wayne like his idol Bieber is, he wouldn’t mind palling around with the skateboard enthusiast. “I was at the Hit Factory, and I was next to his ramp and I thought that was really cool.”

Since he’s clearly networking well within the rap game, can we expect any members of the YMCMB crew to appear on his debut? Maybe, maybe not — but he has one particular MC in mind if he does collaborate with the label. “I met Birdman. I met DJ Khaled,” he said. “I’d like to work with Drake. I’m a big fan of Drake, and that’d be pretty cool.”

Between his beats, that voice and that shirtless video shoot for ‘Say Somethin’,’ we think Drizzy would be wise to hop on Mahone’s bandwagon.

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