History buffs know the origins of Australia. The old tale of it being a former penal colony is only partly true and I know several people who'd be happy to tell you the whole story if you have a couple of hours. The Aussies always hope to one day shed the old penal colony stories and be seen for what they are in this modern day and age.

You know, as completely honest people who like to try to score free money from ATMs with software glitches.

The problem began when Commonwealth Bank ATMs in Syndey, Australia were impacted by buggy software. The result was that the machines began allowing customers to withdraw thousands of dollars, regardless of how dry their bank account might have been.

The news spread quickly via social media and resulted in crowds forming around Commonwealth ATMs throughout the city. Perhaps they should reconsider their name... Commonwealth. That sounds pretty sharing to me.

The bank, of course, didn't see the humor in the matter and is insisting that anyone that took advantage of the glitch to withdraw more than their accounts held in them are simply "overdrawn" and that the patrons would be responsible for paying the money back.

Police haven't decided how to approach the issue but are considering taking action against those individuals who tried to exploit the malfunctioning ATMs. Two men have already been charged with "dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception".