Well, that's awkward. Last night on 'The Bachelor,' contestant Kylie Lewis had what may have been the biggest facepalm moment ever on reality TV.

While the Bachelor himself, Juan Pablo Galavis, was handing out his roses, he called another contestant named Kat down to ask her to accept one. Unfortunately for the pretty redhead, Lewis thought he said "Kylie" ... and as a result marched right on down, until he politely sent her back from whence she came. You can see a video clip of the humiliating scene above.

After the hugely embarrassing gaffe (and getting sent home by Juan Pablo), Lewis is now lashing out at 'Bachelor' producers, claiming they set her up for failure from the start. Lewis says that producers urged her to dye her naturally strawberry blond hair red, as well as to change her purple dress for a pink one the night of the rose ceremony.

What's more, Lewis also says that the producers' meddling didn't stop at her appearance. They also tried killing her game and urged her to act "like a dumb bimbo" on the show, according to TMZ. Lewis insists that producers are the ones who urged her to tweet Galavis after meeting him, making her look desperate. Perhaps she forgot that she's on a reality dating show -- some may say she looks a little desperate regardless.

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