Donald Trump may have defied the odds to become our next president, but the gambling has truly just begun.

British gambling outfit Ladbrokes is now accepting bets related to Trump's presidency.

He's getting 1-12 odds that he will indeed be sworn in on as scheduled, yet there is the 6-1 shot he doesn't get inaugurated. There are also 11-10 odds he will be impeached or resign before his term in 2020 is up and 8-11 odds he fails to make it through a full term, as well as 1-2 odds he won't be re-elected.

Another British bookmaker, Paddy Power, has its own lines going, as well, including failure to complete his term (7-4), ending his marriage with Melania (16-1), painting the White House gold (500-1), saying "Make America great again" as his first comments at the inauguration (6-4) and if Russia will be his first state visit (even money).

Strangely, there are no bets for the over/under on how many times he will say "fantastic," "tremendous," "sad," "loser" and "overrated" or whether he will demand his security entourage forcibly remove any media outlets from covering his inauguration.

Buckle up, folks. It's going to be an entertaining four years (if Trump does indeed make it that long).

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