Every new mom needs lots of help — from taking care of meals and cleaning up after the baby to grabbing a little R&R during naptime. Beyonce is no different, but she isn’t asking fans for help changing diapers; instead, she’s turning to them in search of the perfect remix of her song ‘End of Time.’

It’s all part of a contest going on at Beyonce’s official site, where fans have been encouraged to download stems from the track, which was originally released as part of her latest album, ’4.’ The competition is being hosted in conjunction with the popular audio streaming site Soundcloud.

What’s at stake? A $4,000 prize and “inclusion on a future Beyonce release,” which, as Billboard points out, probably means B-side status on the eventual official single version of ‘End of Time,’ which has been a download favorite since the album came out last year. So what are you waiting for? Hit those home studios and show Beyonce what you’re made of!