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Bird Nerd

It's no surprise to birding experts that SouthTexas and the Crossroads, in particular, is a HOT SPOT for all things 'birding'.

Our weather, topography, and our location to the coast and coastal plains make our community a perfect environment for birds to flourish.

Outside of possibly the black grackles that flock to our parking lot trees and electrical wires in winter, most of us don't know the names of many of the most common birds around our own back yards. Aspiring birders take note! Bird is the word in Victoria!

So what does 'birding' mean anyway?

Simply put, it's the observation of birds in their natural habitat. It's also a BIG hobby for many folks around the world! This might surprise you but people from nations far and wide come to South Texas specifically for birding!

Well, thanks to the Backyard Bird Nerd and Victoria Convention and Visitors Burea, identifying and admiring our local feathered friends just got a lot easier!

New Birding Deck In Victoria

Victoria Convention and Visitors Burea has announced that they collaborated with local 'Backyard Bird Nerd' and children's birding book author, Cheryl Johnson, to create the Athey Nature Sanctuary Birding Deck at the Hiller House on 3003 Vine St. next to Riverside Park.

You can view photos and the City of Victoria civic alert of the new Athey Nature Sanctuary Birding Deck by clicking here.

Cheryl is a nature photographer and birder and offers, " One of the best things about birding in Victoria is that the bird populations change throughout the seasons. Some birds you see year-round, but others you can find only in fall and winter and some only in the spring and summer."

There is always a new bird species to observe!

How many birds could there actually be in the Crossroads?

When we say the Crossroads is perfect for experienced birders and aspiring bird nerds alike, we mean it!

According to the City of Victoria, more than 250 species of birds can be found throughout the year in our area! Yep. More than 250. 

What is there to do at the Athey Nature Sanctuary?

The new Athey Nature Sanctuary Birding Deck can be a starting point for you and your family to learn about the different species of birds abundant in our community. The deck offers photos and descriptions of birds that frequent the area to start your birding adventure. You can play games with your family challenging each other on who can find the most birds during a single outing or ALL year long.

Victoria Convention and Visitors Burea thought of everything and even offer disposable binoculars for guests on the deck!

We've got to give a shout-out to Victoria Convention and Visitors Burea along with the Backyard Bird Nerd for their collaborative efforts to enhance our thriving birding and bird 'nerding 'community!

We asked THE Bird Nerd for her expert opinion.

Here is a gallery to help you get started on your birding journey. Take the station app with you whenever you're birding to help you identify some of the Backyard Bird Nerds favorites!

Here are the best backyard birds, the most common backyard birds, and the most fun birds to see in our area according to Cheryl. As a bonus, we asked Cheryl to let us know what her personal favorite bird is in the Crossroads. Guess what? It's actually a common backyard bird in our community too! 

Here are the Backyard Bird Nerds picks and pics!

Backyard Bird Nerd Top Picks and Pics

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