Secret Gem for TEENS In the Crossroads Revealed... It's Hope Fest 2023 AND IT'S ALMOST HERE!

If you have a teen in the Crossroads, we can bet you've heard them say " There isn't anything to do here."

As a mom of four kiddos born and raised in Victoria, I heard that a time or two myself!

Thankfully the folks at our local nonprofit Teens Grounded,have been working on their biggest fundraising event of the year, designed with only TEENAGERS IN MIND.

AND THE EVENT IS FREE! Teens will need just a little spending money for food.

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If this is your first time hearing about Teens Grounded, let me tell you, this local nonprofit is amazing!

The mission of Teens Grounded is to build the youth up by providing them support and connecting them to services that are designed to meet their physical, social, psychological, and spiritual needs. We believe that grounding them in a solid foundation is what produces "good fruit" like purpose, identity, self-control, love for themselves and other, sense of community, and confidence.

Here Is What Is In It For The Teens in the Crossroads...

Starting with live music all throughout the event, teens can hear some of the BEST Christian rap in the state. You know it's all about the music for any teen!

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 There will be games to play, awesome food vendors, sports activities like volleyball, 7 on 7  football tournaments, inflatables and booth vendors all catering to the teens! And you better beleive there will be a FOAM PARTY TOO! 

foam slip and slide

Mark your calendars for June 17th, 2023 at Riverside Park for Hope Fest 2023.

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This is one event you don't want any teen in the Crossroads to miss.

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And, if you are a business or a person who would like to help further the mission of offering teens in the community something positive to do year-round, please consider supporting this incredible organization! 

Here is how you can help!

Here is a good example of how you can incorporate your business at HopeFest 2023. I'm setting up a meditation tent at Hopefest to show teens some of the easy breathing techniques when they are experiencing anxiety attacks. I don't normally offer teen meditation classes, but I made it work just to be a part of giving teens all we can! You can call Jodie Sandoval, the creator of Teens Grounded personally if you'd like to be a part of this awesome event. Her number is 361.655.9019

See you at Teen's Grounded Hope Fest 2023 June 17th! 

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