How many times have you visited the Texas State Fair and waved to "Big Tex" as you entered the grounds? Today, the state of Texas is saying goodbye to the man who was the voice of Big Tex since 2012, Mr. Bob Boykin. is reporting the sad news that Bob Boykin has passed away at the age of 73. The staff at the State Fair of Texas reported the news of Bob's passing this morning. Boykin actually passed away back on January 23rd and was buried with honors at Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery almost a week later.

Boykin served his country in the Marine Corps after college, then came home to build a career with Lockheed Martin for 40 years. Bob's wife said that Boykin always dreamed of voicing Big Tex and when the opportunity came his way in 2012, Bob took up the role until the time of his passing.

Talk about a Texas bucket list item. To be the voice of Big Tex! We thank Bob and his family for all the fun they brought to the Texas State Fair. It was not that long ago that the Texas State Fair gave Big Tex a new look along with new boots to wear as he welcomed visitors to the fairgrounds.

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