Wow! What a night at Breckinridge! If you didn't make it to the Rezfest this year, put it on your to do list for next year. The artists put on an awesome show. Kids, teenagers, adults, grandparents - all ages were there. 3,425 people attended.

At the start of the concert, there were fireworks and the National Anthem was sung. Glen Dry then announced that different youth groups came out the night before and prayed in each row of seats for the people that were there tonight. I thought to myself how moving it is that our youth did that.

Natalie Grant was the only female singer and she kicked off the concert. I really enjoyed her. She reminded all of us there is no such thing as perfect people just a perfect God. I really thought that was awesome. We all have our battles and no matter how much we try to be that perfect person we all, at the end of the day, have God still loving us no matter what.

One of our VIPs, Jennifer Adcock, was there and said she loved Natalie Grant. She was amazing!! The whole Christian based atmosphere and messages were great!

Brandon Heath preformed second! What a voice! He was awesome. Kristin Raab my co-worker who went said, Brandon Heath had some great songs and one that stood out called "Give Me Your Eyes". The song lyrics ask God to give us His eyes to see the people around us who are hurting and to have His heart to love them.

Mercy Me was last to perform. When they performed you could really feel the energy in the room. I really enjoyed listening to the lead singer of Mercy Me speak. He has 5 kids from 9 years old to a one month old. One of the most important things he said was to never let your kid grow up wondering if they were loved. He wrote a song called "Beautiful" for his daughters, driving the point home.

I have always personally told my son Andrew over and over how much his mama loves him and is proud of him. I truly hope he feels the unconditional love I have for him. One of the other things he said was we have a very big God who tells the sun when to shine and he is crazy in love with you. We are all worth something. And what a great time to get a grasp on that truth... Easter weekend!