Britney Spears' brother, Bryan Spears, spoke out about his sister's conservatorship.

Bryan spoke about his sister at length on the Thursday (July 23) episode of the As Not Seen On TV podcast.

“She’s always wanted to get out of [the conservatorship],” he revealed.

“It’s very frustrating to have... whether someone’s coming in peace to help or coming in with an attitude, having someone constantly tell you to do something has got to be frustrating," he added.

Bryan also shared that he does not use social media frequently and does not understand what exactly the #FreeBritney movement is.

“I don’t quite know what their meaning is," he confessed. "I don’t follow it that well. But I am aware that they feel like ... maybe she’s being confined or held against her will in some capacity, but I can’t really speak for them."

“She’s been in this thing for quite some time now," he continued. "Obviously there was a need for it at the beginning that I assume everyone knows the issues that were going on, and now they’ve made some changes and all we can kinda do is hope for the best."

He confirmed that her conservatorship, which includes her father, has "100% say" over her life.

“In the beginning, it was hard," he admitted. "I mean, normal fights, normal ‘alright, I’m mad at you for a week’ family stuff, but nothing ever major where everyone quits speaking. We haven’t ever had that."

Bryan shared that everyone in the family did have their own opinion on the conservatorship but in the end they "came together" and added that he "think[s] we made the right choice." 

“In general, I think he’s the done the best he could given the situation he was put in,” he said of his father Jamie’s role in the conservatorship. “We’ve had to work together as a family to keep it all going.”

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