The Brits are not taking kindly to Justin Bieber‘s comments about Prince William — you know, the country’s future king — and his thinning hair. The Biebs suggested that Prince Billy take Propecia, as if it was that simple.

The Biebs also seemed insensitive, since, as a teen with an enviable head of thick, lush hair, he was speaking from a lofty position with his ill-advised comments. Turns out The Biebs is talking out of turn and hasn’t earned the right to be making such public assertions.

“The Brits are viewing Justin Bieber’s diss about Prince William’s challenging hair problem in the same way you view an annoying fly buzzing around you. He needs to be swatted away,” British journalist Jessica Callan told The Huffington Post. “Wills and Prince Harry may joke about William’s thinning hair, but that doesn’t mean a kid like Justin can come sauntering in and join in the joke.” That’s true. Men are sensitive about the issue of balding and The Biebs was making light of not-so-nice stch.

Callan continued, “It’s like inviting someone over for dinner and they tell you how awful your carpet is. Even if you agree, how dare they say it? So The Biebs had better watch out! Wills may be thinning on top but he is one cool royal and landed himself the hottest future queen England has ever had. How can Justin and his girly hairstyle possibly compete with that?”

Zing. Score one for the Brits there. Although we have to point out that The Biebs’ lady love Selena Gomez is as adorbs as it gets.

Maybe Scooter Braun should advise his client to issue an apology to the prince? Just a suggestion…

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