Forget Tinder. This may be the new way to meet someone special.

A woman in Indonesia named Wina Lia has agreed to marry the person who buys the house she is trying to sell.

Wina, 40, has been a widow since 2001. Her only stipulation is the man must be Muslim.

An ad for the two-bedroom, two-bathroom home with a fish pond (asking price $76,000) reads, "The bid of the century!” Buy a house and marry the owner [terms and conditions apply]. For serious prospective buyers only. No negotiations."

Lia said the stunt is the brainchild of her realtor and she is totally onboard with it because "...I'm really looking for a husband."

The realtor tells Time the ad has already captured people's interest. "Since yesterday morning there are continuous calls, I don’t count how many, there must be dozens or even hundreds.” He also added that tying you don't have to tie the knot, noting, "If someone just wants the house, they can have that."

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