Back in January, I compiled a list of the most mispronounced Texas town which features quite a few in our backyard. However, I did miss a couple in our area so I have updated the list to now include Ganado. Is it GA-NAY-DO OR GA-NAH-DO? .  We also have one of the most common mispronounced cities located right in our backyard, Refugio, don't get me started on this one LOL.I have also included a town so small that it will never make any list, Weesatche.

Mexia, Texas is the one that gets on my nerves the most. It makes absolutely no sense! First of all, forget that the exists, because you don't hear it in the pronunciation.   It is a Spanish word, however, its pronunciation is not proper Spanish either. I also don't agree with a couple on the list like Menchaca, Texas. The 'correct' pronunciation is MAN-SHACK. I still will contend that is the incorrect pronunciation and will still continue to pronounce it the way it is spelled.
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