An enormous 30-pound Koi fish was reeled in at an Austin lake.


Callie White, who has had a passion for fishing, passed on to her by her late father, got the catch of a lifetime. While fishing in Bird Lake out of Austin, Texas, White noticed something peculiar.

In the past, White has caught a variety of fish in Lady Bird Lake like catfish, bass, carp, etc. However, while on one of her recent fishing trips to the lake, she quickly discovered something different. 

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A fish began to nibble on the line and eventually, dragged it out to the center of the lake. White took the fishing pole and began to reel in her catch, however, the fish was putting up a fight.


After a 5-minute tug-o-war, White was finally able to catch a glimpse of what she was fighting with. 

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"I was very shocked by what I saw."

At first, she thought she caught something more common like a catfish, but when she caught a glimpse of the color, she knew this was different.

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"Once I saw the bright orange and white flashing close to the bank, I realized that what I caught was probably very special and a once-in-a-lifetime type of catch,” White wrote to KXAN.

White won the battle and eventually reeled in a 30-pound gigantic koi fish.

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It’s been a passion of mine ever since my dad taught me as soon as I could hold my pole, White wrote. “Sadly he passed recently, but I definitely keep the tradition alive!”

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