We checked in with former UHV pitcher Andre Del Bosque to see what he has been up to. Del Bosque wrapped up his spring training on Saturday where he allowed one run on two hits and a walk with 18 strikeouts on 12 innings this spring. He will be moving to South Carolina.  Del Bosque will be playing in the South 1 Open for the 2015 Major League Baseball season for the Charleston River Dogs.  The River Dogs are members of the South Atlantic League and open the season on Thursday at home against Lexington.

We asked him what life was like in Florida.  He told us the weather and beaches were amazing.  They had practice every day and would finish anywhere between 1pm and 4pm.  One thing he is really going to miss about Florida is going fishing with his roommate ever day after practice.  He misses home too.  Especially his family and his dog-a Husky/Lab mix named Addie who he adores.

We asked Del Bosque if he had any advice for the youth of today.  He said “One thing that’s helped me was that I fell in love with baseball at a very young age.  I’ve overcome so many obstacles to get where I am.  Whether you are succeeding or failing, always remain hopeful and always remain humble.  Never give up because there is one thing that we are guaranteed in life.  If we don’t take action there won’t be an outcome at all.  It’s hard to achieve anything without action.”

We can't wait to see what the future holds for Del Bosque!



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