The recent spill at the Shamrock Victoria Port Terminal has sent shockwaves through communities spanning from Victoria to Corpus Christi area, leaving residents alarmed and uncertain about the potential health implications.


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On the afternoon of January 3, 2024, a valve on a petroleum product storage tank at the Shamrock Products, LLC facility suffered damage, resulting in the spillage of approximately 300 barrels of hazardous materials. The substances released include crude oil, mercaptan, fuel oil, b38 (solvent), and reruns (cracked hydrocarbons). Though the facility insists that none of the spilled products contained ammonia or detectable levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), the odorous impact has been undeniable.

The spill, fortunately, remained contained within the storage berm and did not enter the Victoria Barge Canal. However, the repercussions are felt far and wide, with communities from Victoria to Corpus Christi experiencing a foul odor described as a mix of car-urine and ammonia, attributed to the mercaptan in the spilled material.


The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is overseeing the remediation and cleanup efforts at the Shamrock Victoria Port Terminal. While the facility claims to be implementing odor control measures on-site during material removal, concerns about the impact on public health persist.


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Alarming reports have emerged from affected areas, with residents complaining of various symptoms potentially linked to the spill. Disturbingly, the TCEQ has denied any connection between these reported health issues and the spill. This denial is particularly concerning, considering the widespread reports of a distinctive odor, respiratory discomfort, and other health problems experienced by community members.

The odorous incident, propelled by prevailing winds, has raised questions about the adequacy of the information provided by the Shamrock Victoria Port Terminal and the TCEQ. The community is left grappling with uncertainty, as the denial of health-related concerns deepens fears and distrust.


Residents must stay informed and engaged during these trying times. If you are experiencing symptoms seek medical care and contact Sarah Ontiveros, Goliad County's Emergency Management Coordinator. 

Ontiveros said she has received over 50 calls for, "Headaches, nausea, burning eyes, and even respiratory issues."

Sarah Ontiveros: 361-405-9170 

Shamrock Products: 281-984-7016


It is important to note that a conflicting smell around the same time is believed to be caused by an unrelated spill in the Ingleside area.

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