Diva Christina Aguilera sat down with ‘Extra’ to reveal that Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong is the new mentor for her team on Season 3 of ‘The Voice.’ She also addressed how she feels about the fact that fellow belter Mariah Carey and pop star peer Britney Spears have joined competing shows.

Here’s what Xtina had to say about the new judge’s panels on other shows and working with Armstrong. She was complimentary and diplomatic on all levels. No bratty behavior here.

On Mariah Carey joining ‘American Idol‘: “I love that all these artists are coming together, all the experience that we have. We can take that and have a new wave of talent. I think it’s great. We’re all coming from knowledgeable backgrounds.”

On Britney Spears joining ‘X Factor‘: “Britney is so talented. These people want to know how do they own it, ‘How do I get stage presence’ or ‘How do I control my nerves.’ She’s a pro, she’s been at it a number of years now. It’s cool that strong women are joining the club.”

On Billie Joe Armstrong as her partner: “Because he is kind of amazing and has had a tremendous amount of success in the business. I like to switch it up. It’s intriguing since he comes from a completely different genre than I do.” He reveals that he had a choice to go with another coach, but he instead chose Xtina. “I like singers not drummers,” he said.

On her recurring Adam Levine beef: “It lives in the show and then it’s out the window on a personal level.”

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