Please let this be a thing!

Looks like people all over America are not only gong back to basics but they're also going back to their garages to dig out their Christmas lights! That's right, in an effort to shine some light on what seems like a darker time in history, folks are taking steps literally on ladders to lighten things up in their neighborhoods!

Not sure where the trend started in recent weeks, but we think it's a brilliant idea!

If we can all get on the band wagon we can have one more beautiful thing we can share with our family in the weeks ahead, social isolation can be enjoyed by driving through your neighborhoods and seeing the light shows!

Do you still have your lights up from Christmas? Bonus! Now you can kick back and relax while everyone else gets busy!

Did you know Thomas Edison introduced electric outdoor Christmas lights  during the 1880 Christmas season! During the 1700s we were using candles in trees to light them up!

Just for fun, we thought we should add one of the most famous social media Christmas Light shows from 2015 that should brighten your day and hopefully get you motivated to get your lights up! Thank you Johnson Family and Living Light Shows for brightening our day and inspiring us!

Yes, let's make this a thing! Merry Spring!


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