The cartels just never cease to find creative (and stupid) ways to try and smuggle drugs into Texas and the United States. We've seen various forms of illegal drugs stuffed into bundles of broccoli, stuffed into bags to Takis, inside raw oysters, inside fish, and now the shell game continues.

Customs Officers Find Meth Inside a Shipment of Peanuts

U.S. Customs and Border Agents made the discovery at the end of June after the peanuts went through an x-ray machine. Various reports like this one from News4San Antonio make this shipment a little confusing as most outlets say the meth was sent from Mexico and bound for east Texas. However, it was a facility in Memphis that made the discovery.

You'll Never Look at a Bag of Peanuts the Same Way Again

The next time I'm at the ballpark I'm gonna laugh when the peanut vendor walks by. Food and food preparation materials often go through the x-ray machine when they are processed by border agents and this is exactly why. The criminals have used just about everything under the sun to smuggle drugs into the country so almost everything coming in needs to continue to be looked at.

In this instance, 489 grams of methamphetamine were found hidden inside the peanuts. Authorities say that amounts to about almost 2500 doses that might keep an individual high for a combined total of about 15,000 hours. reports that the manifest on the shipment read "Regional Bread Roasted Peanuts Regional Dust Sweet Made of Corn". Did the person using the meth also write the shipping manifest?

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