If the idea of a human-sized rodent sneaking into your house in the middle of the night carrying a basket of eggs doesn't freak you out, we're pretty sure these photos of creepy Easter bunnies will.

Here's seven creepy Easter Bunnies we'd like to keep hopping along the Bunny Trail, Peeps or not:

Is that a milk jug covering your face, Easter Bunny?


Look at me plot to take over the Earth while holding two innocent children. Mwahahah!


We wouldn't be happy about sitting on this one's lap either, kid.


Easter Bunny, have you been drinking?


Walking Dead meets Easter Bunny:


Get back here, kid! Didn't you hear when I said I have candy?!?

Easter Bunny looks hungry and we don't think he wants carrots

Creepy Easter Bunny

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