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Crossroads, get ready it's going to be cold this weekend!

Checking the weather several times a day to keep our community informed is one of a thousand things we do here on the radio to keep you updated in real-time! We also keep the Crossroads updated on really fun times too!

And today we get to do both! 

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Temperatures tonight, Friday, November 12th, and Saturday, November 13th is expected to get down into the '40s in the evenings. Burrrr Rabbit!

And if you're from Texas, we know you love chili, both outside and in a bowl!

Townsquare Lab
Townsquare Lab

Texana Chili Spill Is Back Baby!

What better way to stay warm than a big ol' bowl of chili! Right? In fact, I'm willing to bet you the big bucks that if you go grocery shopping Saturday morning you're going to see that chili meat is running low as everyone has the same idea in Texas whenever it gets below 70! LOL

Do you know who won't be running out of chili meat? Texana Chili Spill and it just happens to be happening this very weekend!

That's right, it's Texana's famous Chili Spill, just a hop skip, and a jump from Victoria in Edna Texas, and this year they are celebrating 20 years of chili spilling!

BONUS POINTS: If you are the first person to tell us why it's called " Chili spill" via a message to us via our station app, we've got some live music tickets for you to win for a VIP experience you'll not soon forget! Just message us on the app! We'll pick winners Monday!

In the meantime, enjoy Texana Chili Spill!

So much more than just a chili cook-off competition. They've got tons of stuff for kids and family to do like a cornhole competition, helicopter rides, live music, a wine garden- the works! Find out more information by clicking here.

Get your chili on! 

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