Flying can be a miserable experience, thanks to cramped quarters, recirculated, stale air, crappy food and a host of other reasons, but not when you are Demi Lovato and Gwyneth Paltrow. While both ladies can likely afford first class accommodations, which make air travel decidedly more pleasant, their recent travel experience was awesome since they met and bonded on a flight they shared. Cute, right?

Lovato was flying into NYC's JFK airport on Monday, April 8, only to find actress, cookbook author, sometime singer and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin's wife Paltrow on her plane. They had never met, but you'd think they were BFFs who called each other before boarding, since they were dressed in practically identical ensembles, which you can see here!

Both ladies, known for their unique and fashionable styles, were wearing green army jackets, skinny jeans, white tees and ankle booties. The footwear is where (or "wear") they differed, as Lovato rocked a tan pair while Gwynnie sported black. Lovato also boasted a thick, cozy scarf.

The ladies fly in style -- no hideous, velour, Juicy Couture tracksuits here.

Paltrow actually asked Lovato to take a photo and posted it on Twitter for her daughter Apple, 8, to see. Apparently, Gwynnie's little girl is a fan of the 'Heart Attack' singer!

While this is not quite a new BFF alert, it was sweet to see ladies from two different generations bond.

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