Today, March 18th 2020 a confirmation came in just few minutes before Victoria Officials commenced their daily Emergency Operations Management Meeting that a woman in her 60's who is currently in isolation has tested positive for COVID-19 in DeWitt County.

It is not know at this time where the woman might have traveled during the incubation before of the virus, however, it was noted that the detailed information may be available at tomorrow's news briefing, again held daily and posted live on our stations.

Dr. John McNeill took to the podium to make the announcement and he again stressed the importance of hand-washing and physical distancing, reiterating that if you think you are symptomatic to please call a doctor or medical professional first. He also advised that our community consider postponing their elective surgeries for the next several weeks.

Dr. McNeill stated that it is his feeling that we are at the start of our communites COVID-19 " curve."  To better understand the curve and how you can help to "flatten it", here is an article by Scientific America to get you started in your research. He also stated that city officials are recommending that by tomorrow evening ALL restaurants in our area CLOSE and offer customers a drive through or take out option.

Citizens are concerned about childcare and economical concerns for small businesses and the city officials present today vowed to continue to bring you the most relevant and updated information on answers for your questions, offering that additional leading authorities will have an opportunity to speak publicly about their thoughts and recommendations in future live presentations.

If you have questions, you are advised to call the Victoria County Hotline at 580.5796.

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