Officials in San Antonio are preparing for the possibility of anything as this presidential election unfolds.  Barriers will be added to the perimeter of Alamo Plaza until the end of the week as a 'security precaution.'   The Alamo will still be open to the public and business hours will remain the same for the remainder of the week. Businesses have also begun to board up windows and doors in hopes to deter possible rioters and looters.

This will not be the first time this year that the Alamo has heightened its security.  In June, following the death of George Floyd, a four-foot-tall chainlink fence was placed on top of water plastic barriers, and curfews were set in place to secure the Alamo.  At least 8 people were arrested during this time.

here.  Whether your candidate wins or not, life will go on and they will be our president.  We are all American!  Hopefully, we can move forward and unite again.

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