Performing for thousands of fans can be hazardous, just ask Drake. While performing in Birmingham, England on his Club Paradise Tour, the Canadian rapper tripped onstage during his set. Luckily, the embarrassing moment was captured on video thanks to U.K.’s The Hip-Hop Show who posted the clip on its YouTube channel.

During his rendition of the Rihanna-assisted ballad ‘Take Care,’ Drake stepped near the edge of the stage to help the audience sing along to his infectious song. While stepping backwards onstage, the Young Money rapper’s foot got caught between a space on the stage and he falls to the ground.

He quickly recovers, however, by doing a somersault and hopping to his feet as if it was part of the show. “You got me flipping like it’s my motherf—in’ birthday I swear,” he tells the crowd after his tumble. He still finished the song without missing a beat and continued to bounce around onstage not worried by fact that he planked backwards just a few minutes ago. What a trooper!

Drake proves that even when he stumbles, he’s still winning.

Watch Drake Fall Onstage in Birmingham During ‘Take Care’