Ah, the Rock.

Dwayne Johnson; Wrestler, Actor, Comedian, Husband, Father, Hair-Stylist.

Is there anything this man can't do?

That question is rhetorical, the answer is no.

Especially when it comes to his daughters.

Dwayne has three daughters; Simone Alexandra who might be following in her father's wrestling footsteps as well as Jasmine and Tiana Gia. Simone is his daughter from his first marriage to Dany Garcia and Jasmine and Tiana Gia are his little girls with life partner Lauren Hashian.

Over the weekend we were treated to some serious Rock cuteness overload!

Yep, you can't help but say AWWWW at this adorable photo of The Rock, self-dubbed as "Mr. Golden Hands" sitting with his youngest daughter, 2 yr. old Tiana Gia, who looks completely helpless if not unamused, with her famous father's attempt to detangle her hair.

Not a job for the light-hearted, detangling any child's head of hair can be nothing short of DAUNTING! Dwayne credits his hairstyling skills to being bald! " I may be bald, but I know a thing or two about hair. Mainly because I wish I had it!" The Rock offers on his Instagram.

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In true Dwayne Johnson comedic timing and humbleness, he offers his Instagram followers to swipe left to witness, "The calming energy, exceptional hair skills and extraordinary patience that daddy aka Mr. Golden Hands puts on full display."

We'd love to hear what Tiana Gia thinks about her daddy's skills with a brush!

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