Edna Mans Tragic Ending

A 71-year old man from Edna, TX was tragically killed in a lawnmower accident just days ago.

Pinned Down and Hurt

On Friday, December 31, 2021, just hours before ringing in the new years Robert  Bergstrom from Edna, TX was loading his lawnmower onto his utility tractor truck by himself. According to Police Chief Rick Boone, something went wrong while Bergstrom was loading up the lawnmower and it tipped over, pinning him down on the ground.

Spotted By a City Worker

According to Crossroads Today, a city worker spotted a man trapped under a tractor and called 911. Edna Police Department quickly responded and found Bergstrom underneath his tractor.

Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead at the scene. Officials involved believe Bergstrom was trapped under the tractor around 45 minutes to an hour before he was spotted.

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Safety Tips

Such an incredibly sad ending to a man's life. Loading a lawnmower is something people do often, but there are a few safety tips to keep in mind to reduce any risks when loading heavy equipment like a zero-turn mower. Check out a few tips MovingTips.com has published.

  • Loading Ramps

According to MovingTips many lawn movers have very low ground clearance and require a specific type of ramps. Arched ramps are ideal instead of straight ramps to ensure the riding lawn mower can have the right clearance.

  • Ramp Length

Keep in mind the length of the ramps are long enough. Most riding lawnmowers have a higher center of gravity and can be prone to tipping back when going up a steep incline. Making sure you buy long enough ramps will help eliminate the risk of tipping.

  • Secure Ramps

Make absolutely sure the ramps are tied down and are securely held in place so they don't slip and create a loading accident.

  • Load In Backwards

moving tips advise people to load in their mower backward because the heaviest part of the mower will be kept lower, reducing the risks of tipping or flipping

They also mention if you are not comfortable doing this backward, load it forward in low gear and do not stop and go. If you need to stop, then let the mower roll all the way back and start over.

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