Ya can't beat a Texans love for Whataburger, and over the weekend it became clear that even small alligators can't resist the late-night goodness.

KRISTV.com shared the video above of this small alligator that needed to be removed by Police alongside Texas Parks and Wildlife from the front entrance of the Whataburger located on Wheeler Avenue in Aransas Pass.

The video shows police and Texas parks and wildlife officials remove the gator who was dug in next to the trash can and eventually getting on top of the alligator so that they could apply tape to its mouth to prevent any injuries. We are not sure if they threw in a few honey butter chicken biscuits before closing its mouth for good.

The alligator was then removed from the property and released by officials at a safe location. Some of the comments on the original post are side-splittingly funny stuff. Someone even went to the trouble to create a graphic implying that the store began serving alligator burgers and gator nuggets soon after the capture. Of course, this was just a joke.

Next time you stop in for a late-night snack at your local Whataburger, make sure you watch your step when throwing out your trash especially if you are near Aransas Pass.

It's not the first time an alligator has tried to get in line at a Texas Whataburger. Back in 2018, an alligator the size of a car brought traffic to a halt in Cleveland, Texas.

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