The sun is out and the skies are clear. That means it is a perfect time to break out all the exercise gear you got while you were binge shopping online when you were all cooped up inside.

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What better way to use those new workout clothes than for some good ol' hiking adventures. Wouldn't you know, Waco, TX has some of the best hiking trails! There is a place called Cameron Park I recently hit up that has over 20 miles of hiking trails. You could spend all day at this park just going through all the trails it's insane.

If you like a challenge, there are some pretty difficult trails. I was climbing rocks and using muscles that haven't been activated since COVID hit; it got pretty intense! If you are not the most active person do not be intimated. There are trails for people of all levels!  So check out a run through the park and stick around for the life-threatening adrenaline rush I experienced at the end!


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