The crazy times just got crazier! With gas prices higher than ever, petroleum expert Harwin Glaclitt, a reporter for Oil, Fuel and Gas Aficionado, reports in the April issue of the industry trade magazine that Texas truck owners will soon experience more pain at the pump.  And it’s a big Ouchy! Not only will they pay hundreds to fill up, now an extra $25 pump charge will be added to all trucks over two wheels. The new plan will go in effect as soon as they can get organized.  There is even talk of roping of different truck lanes at every gas station with a possible “Gas Marshall” monitoring stuff.  Glacitt explained the ridiculous charge in his article, “The Texas Bureau of Trucks along the Petroleum Underground (P.U.) have proposed the extra charge because simply trucks are using too much gas.  Both organizations also claimed a lot of people are spending extra on gas and that they needed to get a cut of that sweet cheddar.”    Meanwhile, this news is really upsetting a lot of Texans who own trucks over two wheels. Tony “Who’s The Boss” Micelli, a former housekeeper turned truck driver, was really upset.  “Get my (expletive) truck out of your (expletive) mouth!” Micelli screamed at an emergency of Truckers Against Everything held in the home of his former employer Angela Bower.  He later painted his face and screamed “First they take our gas then they take our FREEDOM!” The group was so fired up they now plan to take her case to City Hall. However, they haven’t decided which city yet. Off the record, Glaclitt admitted he did receive one final strange message regarding this shocking story. The problem…message was backwards.  Glaclitt then told me was Sdrawkcab-phobic, which we all know is the fear of words typed backwards.  So, please hold up to a mirror to see if you can figure it out the special message for yourself…

S L O O F   L I R P A


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