The Far East Movement have set a May 8 release date for their next album, ‘Dirty Bass,’ which features the Justin Bieber team-up ‘Live My Life,’ and they’re about to begin shooting a music video for the ‘Party Rock Remix’ of the song featuring Redfoo from LMFAO.

The ‘Live My Life’ video will be shot in Amsterdam, according to reports, with Redfoo behind the camera serving as director. Bieber sings the hook on the track, but we’ll have to wait to find out if he’ll be making an appearance in the music video.

“The ‘Live My Life’ Party Rock music video is going to be bananas,” Far East Movement member Kev Nish told Billboard. “It’s definitely a party you won’t want to miss.”

‘Dirty Bass’ is the follow-up to the Far East Movement’s 2010 album ‘Free Wired,’ which spawned the global No. 1 hit ‘Like a G6′ and the Ryan Tedder collaboration ‘Rocketeer.’

Far East Movement recently posted a video interview in which they discussed working with Bieber on ‘Live My Life’: “The dude is a talented dude. He’s grown up, everybody sees that. For us, we wanted to do something different. We got in with producer RedOne to make this club song and we said, ‘We wanna make a song that bridges that gap between the young audience and our audience, or the club audience that pops bottles and gets crazy. That’s a challenge.”

Listen to Far East Movement, ‘Live My Life’ Feat. Justin Bieber

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