We all have ambitions to live long and do great things, well most of us anyway, and so it is vital that we make sure that the Ol' Ticker can keep up with our daily routine. So, as February is American Heart Month, make sure you take notice of what you do and eat to try and create goals and plans so you can ensure your heart keeps beating regularly.

For some persons, a heart examine should be considered because of health or age. Other persons should consider walking around from time to time. Walking is a very healthy and easy exercise and is beneficial to your heart. There are several events in the Crossroads area that are coming up this month to promote Heart Month and are designed to get people moving around.

If you wondering why the month of February was chosen as American Heart Month, then consider what holiday is in February...(psst, its Valentine's Day)...That's right, Valentine's Day is a day that we look up as a day specifically dedicated to those that we love with all our heart...heart...February...health...put this puzzle together and you have Heart Month in February. That's kind of a round about way of getting to the point, but there you have it.

Walking isn't the only way to keep heart healthy, but it is the most common. Another method is stairs, but the real takeaway from this is that any kind of moving that involves going from one place to another through the means of traveling by your own body is considered heart-healthy. If you want other easy heart-healthy exercises then click here. So go out, have fun, enjoy the scenery and be mindful of your heart in this month of heartiness. Remember, your heart beats not just for you but also for those who love you.

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