A Corpus Christi resident became quite concerned after finding her front yard completely ransacked and torn up. “I thought I was getting vandalized, like who would tear up our front yard, our grass, our trees, and everything?” said Rancho Vista resident Roxanne Garcia.

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After experiencing a destroyed yard multiple times, Garcia reached out to neighbors to see if they were experiencing the same mysterious and troubling destruction.
We thought it was a fluke, then the second time, we posted it on our neighborhood website, and that’s when we realized there was a hog problem.”

Much Bigger Problem Than a Messed Up Yard

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Hogs invading the neighborhood is bad, it's messy, but it can also be dangerous. Garcia and her community worry the hogs could become more of a danger than just the simple nuisance they currently are.
It’s scary because we go out to dinner, we come home, there could be pigs right on our yard, they could try to attack us, our neighbors the same, people have younger children,” she said.

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Running Off Resident

Another resident has tried to get hands-on and run down the hogs, but it is not an easy task.“It took two and a half hours to chase just seven of them down,” Kimberly Fuqua, a nearby resident said.

A Situation Could Get Dangerous

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Fuqua's biggest concern is children getting hurt by the wild hogs. She recently saw a pack of hogs come through the neighborhood at a children's bus stop just minutes after local kids were dropped off.

Fuqua said she is worried about kids being curious and trying to interact with a smaller and younger hog. This could lead to the parent hog becoming protective and attacking the child.
“You have an adult pig that sees that, and it might think you’re trying to harm its child, and then turn around, try to attack the child, and then you have adults trying to get the big pig,” she said. “We just want to make sure the kids are as safe as possible, and we’re doing whatever we can.”

Scaring Off Kids

There have been times when she worried about younger children getting hurt, taking a simple stroll outdoor is becoming scary. People cannot just walk around without the thought of getting hurt, Fuqua recalled a time when she has had to warn innocent children and parents to steer clear of an area, “there were parents out walking their kids in strollers, we had to yell at them to get out of the way, go into their homes, so they weren’t at risk of getting bit.

Seeking Local Help

Local Police cannot do much, “there is only so much the police department can do, and animal control, because they’re wildlife,” Garcia said. However, Fuqua is in contact with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, and they have offered their help to get the animals out of the area.

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