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Who doesn't love a lost and FOUND story? We thought so too! 

Check out the rogue flamingo who escaped the Kansas Zoo in 2005 and ended up of all places in Port Lavaca, Texas seventeen years later! My hometown!

Port Lavaca welcomes you, African Flamingo known as No. 492! 

But here is the thing, No. 492 has been sighted in several other states in the past years as well!

The Kansas Zoo has continued to decline to recapture the flamingo due to the fact that it might be too disturbing to other wildlife not to mention to No. 492 if they do so.

And come on! Born in Africa, No. 492 is just a wandering spirit! Yep, it looks like this rogue flamingo will continue to be a nomad who has visited and been sighted on the coastlines of Wisconsin, Louisiana, and our great state of Texas over the last decade and a half.

Here is some additional coverage on the journey of No. 492 on Youtube from the Austin- American Statesman.

Back in 2005, No. 492 and another flamingo escaped the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita Kansas after a heavy storm shook up the animals at the zoo causing these two birds to fly away. Neither flamingo had been at the Kansas Zoo long enough to have had its wings clipped yet, so off they flew for dryer skies! Sadly the second flamingo has yet to be sighted but over the years No. 492 has likely traveled enough miles for both of them.

A flamingo can migrate hundreds of miles in a night.

Did you know when flamingos migrate, they do so mainly at night? Considering flamingos are known to fly several hundred miles during a normal flight averaging about 50 miles an hour, it's no surprise to see No. 492 covered the 600 plus miles from Kansas to Texas over the last 17 years. It is however pretty surprising to see a beautiful flamingo on the coastline of Port Lavaca for certain!

What's in a name?

On a side note, No. 492 ( called by the band on its leg) has also been referred to as " Pink Floyd," perhaps a more fitting name for this gypsy bird!

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