Fergie, in her first TV appearance since becoming a mom, revealed on the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' today (Nov. 20) that she and husband Josh Duhamel named their son Axl because of a dream.

Fergie, who credited "belly dancing yoga" to her fit appearance only three months after giving birth, said that a dream she had about Axl Rose while she was pregnant lead the celebrity couple to choose the name. In the dream, she was in the audience at an outdoor music festival with legendary performers both dead and alive -- first Jim Morrison, then Bob Marley and, finally, Guns 'N Roses singer Axl Rose. "I was in heaven in this dream," she tells Ellen, "and I'm dancing and just getting into the music, and all of a sudden, boom! Boom! And I wake up, and it's the first time my son kicked me, in the stomach, and it was like he was feeling the music with me. It was amazing -- I'm going to start to cry -- it was really beautiful."

Not only was the baby apparently an early fan of Axl, but the name fit well with the middle name (Jack) they'd already picked, in honor of a deceased uncle.

In other show highlights, Ellen surprised the singer with a hilarious new family holiday card for 2013 and Fergie shared a hilarious video of little Axl rocking out to some Black Eyed Peas. Sooo cute! No wonder why Josh and Fergie talking about having a second baby soon!

Watch Fergie's 2013 Christmas Card Revealed on 'Ellen'

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