When the First Lady says she’s serious about healthy food, the First Lady means she is serious about healthy food. Even the First Dog, Bo, is not beyond reproach, and, after packing on a few pounds, is now on a diet. Yes, the dog is on a diet.

Granted Bo has been looking a tad on the fluffy side lately, but it’s hard for us to say whether said fluffiness should be attributed to the fact that he’s, oh, a dog, or whether it’s because President Obama has secretly been feeding him under the table. Some signs point to the latter, with the president recently asking participants in the first ever kids state dinner to not drop scraps on the floor, because “Bo is on a diet right now and he will eat anything that he sees.” Sounds like somebody may be speaking from experience.

While we can commiserate with Bo’s need to drop a couple pounds, he does have one advantage over the rest of us — no opposable thumbs. It’s pretty easy to have self-control when you can’t even open the wrapper of a Snickers bar.

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