In his latest video, five-year-old comedian Zay Zay rails against lazy parents and plots delicious revenge against his slothful dad. Sure, kids can be helpful around the house. But, if this video is any indication, you may want to think twice before you ask them to fetch you something to drink.

While wearing a sweater and a gigantic red bowtie, Zay Zay complains about his parents’ fondness for premade Lunchables. “How much time does it take to make lunch, huh? How much time?” he asks in outrage. “Make me a sandwich!”

Then, he fetches the TV remote on command, turns the TV on and off and removes his lazy dad’s socks. At this point, he says, he’s had enough. So, Zay Zay and his little brother cough all over a juice pouch and feed it to dad. Ewwww.

At the end of the video, Zay Zay makes a call to arms. “Parents, stop making us get everything. We’re not your slaves,” he says. “Fight the power! Do what you gotta do, kids.” Keep preaching the truth, Zay Zay.

Zay Zay’s first video was entitled “Growing Up Black” and was posted to YouTube back in February. Watch it here.

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