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Five-Year-Old Driver Pulled Over on Highway

A 5-year-old boy from Utah who took his family's SUV on the highway for a joyride was pulled over earlier this month—and he had a wild excuse for operating a vehicle without a license. When he was pulled over by a confused policeman, he claimed he was heading to Los Angeles to purchase a Lamborghini with the $3 he had in his piggy bank.

Twitter to Allow Employees to Work from Home Forever

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey just announced that any Twitter employee whose functions and duties don't require in-person operations will be able to continue to work remotely indefinitely. The decision is part of the company's efforts to put the safety of their workers and communities first. (via BuzzFeed)

The Average Couch Sees Thousands of Make Out Sessions

Have you ever thought about how much stuff happens on your sofa? The average couch sees thousands of make out sessions and food spills, for example, but many are never cleaned. A survey commissioned by European gaming site Lottoland revealed that your sofa will be the convenient location of 3,204 date nights, 4,428 kisses and 4,287 hours spent cuddling. Sofas will see 3,240 arguments, too. Researchers added that a person will likely be kicked out of bed and sent to sleep on the couch 612 times. (via Study Finds)

Ellen DeGeneres' Reputation Is Plummeting 

Apparently, Ellen DeGeneres' true personality is rumored to be much different than the cheerful one we see on TV. Ellen's former bodyguard called her “dehumanizing," while employees have said they've grown “distressed and outraged over their treatment from top producers amid the coronavirus pandemic." Ellen also lost many fans after she compared her mansion to a prison at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. (via Cosmo)

Krispy Kreme Giving Away Free Donuts to Class of 2020

If you are a 2020 high school or college graduate, Krispy Kreme will give you a dozen donuts for free this upcoming Tuesday, May 19. All you will have to do to claim your complimentary treats is show up to your local Krispy Kreme dressed up in your graduation cap, gown and tassel or any class of 2020 gear. (via ABC11)

Khloe Kardashian Is Not Pregnant, Despite Speculation

Despite all the rumors online, Khloe Kardashian is not pregnant with Tristan Thompson's baby. She even took to Twitter to clear up all rumors. See her tweets, below.

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