If you are hardcore Dallas Cowboys you have a special place for Mr. Jason Witten.  J-Witt spent 17 seasons with Dallas Cowboys as Tight End and just because his NFL career is over doesn't mean his time on the football field is.  Jason Witten has just won the TAPPS coach of the year. If the term TAPPS sounds familiar it is because that is the classification of the St. Joseph Flyers! Witten led the Liberty Christian Warriors to a 10-2 record in his second season as head coach of the school in Argyle, Texas!  The team ended up going to the regional round of the 2022 TAPPS football division II tournament. Way to go, Jason Witten! 



The Dallas Cowboys have had a strong start to the 2022 season and are absolutely dominating on the defensive side of the ball! They currently sit at the 2 spot in what has become a very competitive NFC East with a record of 9-3 trailing only the Eagles who are 11-1. The Cowboys absolutely shredded the Colts in the 4th quarter of Sunday night's game scoring 33 points in about the last 14 minutes.

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The next game will feature a Texas Showdown featuring Dallas Cowboys (9-3) and the Texans (1-10-1).  While this on paper is a super lopsided match the energy will still be on another level. So let's take the record out of the game and just enjoy the good old Texas rivalry.  While the Cowboys are playing extremely well, I will NOT get excited until the Cowboys win that first game in the playoffs.  LET'S GO COWBOYS! 

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