What? Are you kidding me? A former 5th and 6th-grade teacher from Toball Elementary has been arrested and charged for having an inappropriate sexual relationship with one of her students. According to Fox Houston, authorities arrested 31-year-old Marka Lee Bodine on Saturday, charging her with continuous sexual abuse of a child, under the age of 14 and was only sentenced to 60 days in jail and 10 years of deferred adjudication probation.

According to Fox26 in Houston, Marka Bodine, 32, a former Tomball ISD teacher, pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual abuse of a child under 14 and must register as a sex offender following her jail sentence. Her bond was set at  $100,000. The investigation started last Monday after one of her former students called the police with a complaint! The complaint cited an inappropriate sexual relationship with his former teacher at Tomball Intermediate.

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According to the article, "most of the investigation indicates it's been about two and a half to three years. Both social media, text, and other forms of evidence. And it does appear that this is one of those cases where grooming of the child was involved.' Authorities are currently making sure that they have all the evidence of this case, they are also investigating that no other children were involved.'

The District Attorney is asking for the judge for a 20- to 40-year sentence.  If convicted a sentence without parole would be issued.

Just last week in Victoria, a former St. Joseph High School Coach was sentenced to over 50 years on 17 counts of sex abuse. Read the full story by clicking here.

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