Game of Thrones didn’t drop too many spoilers of George R.R. Martin’s Winds of Winter by the first trailer, but the author himself has acknowledged the likelihood of some readers learning ahead of others. We don’t yet know when to expect Book 6 either, but don’t expect Martin to finish the series with A Dream of Spring ahead of its HBO counterpart, unless Game of Thrones runs upwards of 10 seasons.

Where previously the Song of Ice and Fire novelist confirmed himself unable to publish The Winds of Winter ahead of Game of Thrones Season 6’s April premiere, Martin acknowledged over his Live Journal that the HBO series would almost surely conclude before the seventh novel. Asked if A Dream of Spring could perhaps beat HBO to the finish line, Martin replied “If the show runs ten seasons, maybe.”

Granted Martin has acknowledged in the past that the HBO drama could in fact run 10 seasons, it’s more likely that Game of Thrones will conclude after eight. Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss previously expressed their interest in ending the series with Season 7, though recent HBO reports suggested negotiations for seventh and eighth seasons were indeed underway.

Of course, we also know the HBO tale will diverge from Martin’s novels plenty, the author recently confirming that the adapted series had already killed a character he had renewed literary plans for.

In any case, Game of Thrones will continue spoiling at least some of Martin’s work when the new season premieres on April 24.

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