When Gavin DeGraw sang ‘I Don’t Want to Be,’ we’re guessing “a dancer” was deliberately left out of the lyrics. His pal, OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder, revealed that DeGraw may well be dancing up a storm on the ABC hit ‘Dancing With the Stars.’“Gavin DeGraw is doing Dancing With the Stars, I heard,” Tedder told the Hollywood Reporter on the Grammy red carpet on Sunday, Feb. 13. Tedder said he heard the whispers when talking with DeGraw’s label execs about DeGraw’s latest single, ‘Sweeter,’ which Tedder produced. ABC has yet to comment on the rumors, but we’re excited to see this if it’s true!

If DeGraw joins the ‘Dancing’ cast, he’ll be in familiar company with its alumni. Kristin Cavallari, his costar in his video for ‘Fell In Love With a Girl,’ was a contestant on a recent season of the competition show.

Last month DeGraw mentioned to PopCrush that he has “some TV shows coming up,” so perhaps he was alluding to the series. He also revealed that he does have some dance moves up his sleeves. “You know, sometimes the performances for some songs are a little sexier than other songs,” DeGraw said. “If the song requires that type of performance, then I’ll go there. I do whatever the song needs. If the song needs a body roll, I do a body roll.”

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