That's right, for beer lovers across the world, today is arguably the most celebrated day of the year, August 7th, International Beer Day! Hey, it's 5:00 somewhere... in the world.

Even as a big fan of beer, I can honestly say I haven't tried all of the top International brews, but as a fan, I have tried a few in my lifetime (and by lifetime I mean after the age of 20) and definitely have a favorite. I also am a HUGE fan of a Texas brew too, and more on that in a minute but FIRST... let's "hop" over to a fun list of some of the most popular beers in the world offered by Thrill List to explore five of the top beers in the world. You might not know it but Heineken and Corona count as Internationals so if you've tried those, you're in the International Beer Day loop too!

What is your favorite International Beer? Be sure to leave your comments on the Facebook post!


International Beer Day

International beers aside, I've got to give my All-Time Favorite Beer In The World a little love too. As a true Texas girl, I try to stay local in all that I do, and beer buying and drinking is no exception. Ruby Redbird, now sold year-round from the famous Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas is hands down my absolute favorite. With its hint of ginger and tangy grapefruit blend, Ruby Redbird is exquisite with a lime and salt rim.

beer- RUBY

Whatever you're drinking for International Beer Day, we hope you have a 'barrel' of fun. Just remember to drink responsibly and call an Uber if you need too!

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